ADMT Is Desperate to Escape the “Prison” in His Head

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 31, 2021

ADMT has been leaving us stunned for quite some time, but you’d be surprised at how much more this Domcaster native has in store. At a time when the music community has been forced to cancel live concerts, ADMT made the most of the situation by taking to the streets to busk while wearing a mask and maintaining social distance. To give you a taste on what he’s been working on in the past year, ADMT delivers his introspective new single, “Prison.”

On “Prison,” ADMT reflected,

“I’d be lying if I said of late I’ve not struggled with what’s going on in the world. When we wrote this song, I was sat in my bedroom staring through a computer screen at my friend who I normally would have been with, in person. It was then I sat back and thought although my outlook has remained positive, now is pretty shit compared to how things have been. I think I’d been telling myself I was okay when actually I felt trapped in my own head, although we’ve been confined to our homes, it was my head I wanted to escape from, feeling like you need a day off from your own thoughts is difficult.”

While most of us have gotten sick of being isolated in our homes, ADMT suggests that the “Prison” in his head is what he’d rather escape. ADMT’s mesmerizing vocals have always been a highlight in his growing discography, but they’re especially uplifting in “Prison.” Bringing awareness to the importance of mental health, “Prison” encourages us to ask for the help we may or may not think we need.

“These days, mental health and wellbeing are talked about more, but it’s a conversation that needs to be ongoing. It’s important to normalize these feelings and make it acceptable to ask for help, particularly for males who are trying to undo decades of being taught to keep their feelings inside.”

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