Healing Takes Time for Lucy Cloud in “Crash and Learn”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 30, 2021

At only 18 years old, Lucy Cloud just may be one of the most mature songwriters we’ve stumbled across yet. The Nashville-based talent strives to create music that inspires people the same way she experienced as a musically-driven child. After one listen of her mesmerizing new single, “Crash and Learn,” you’ll realize why Cloud is so essential to the music community today. 

On “Crash and Learn,” Lucy Cloud reflected, 

“I don’t take things for granted. I’ve had a hard time with being present in the moment. The moment is all you have. A lot of times, I’m so worried about the future or if I said something right in the past. But you really have to focus on the here and now.”

Fully recognizing that we’re bound to make mistakes, Cloud reminds us that it’s healthy to let ourselves feel sadness and regret in “Crash and Learn.” Sonically, this piano-driven ballad delivers Cloud’s soaring vocals atop what appears to be a backing gospel choir. To top it off, the accompanying visual features Cloud performing “Crash and Learn” on a sleek upright piano as a stunning ballerina treats us to a gorgeous dance routine.

“There are a lot of lyrics that resonate with my healing process. It was the perfect way to get out what I hadn’t been able to deal with. There’s a lot I’m learning about myself and my identity. The most important thing I’ve learned is healing takes time. You have to accept that you’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to crash, but you can learn from those mistakes.”

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