CRITTER Transports Us to the Summer Days Ahead with “LEMME”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 26, 2021

Quinn Barnitt and Jake Weinberg may have made the best decision of their lives by forming our latest obsession: CRITTER. After the two met on the second day of college, they began jamming together—without realizing they had a genius idea in the back of their minds. With only one other release under their belt, CRITTER is making a name for themselves with their refreshing new single, “LEMME.”

On “LEMME,” CRITTER reflected,

“This was the first song made for CRITTER. We made it in a rehearsal room at college. At this point we had no idea what the song was going to be for, we were just hanging out and making music. It’s probably the only song on this project that was made without any goal/specific sound in mind, and I think the result is a perfect, all encompassing thesis for the vibe of CRITTER.”

Most of us have been fearful of losing our independence when we enter a new relationship, and that’s exactly what CRITTER vocalizes in “LEMME.” With breezy melodies and lively claps, “LEMME” transports us to the sun-adorned summer days ahead. To top it off, the accompanying music video invites us to a fun-filled pool party with CRITTER and friends.

“I wrote this song on the brink of a potential relationship that I was very uneasy about entering. In the song, I just wanted to express how much I cared for that person but also how little I wanted to be restricted by committing to them. I know myself to be a very independent person so if I commit to someone, I think it really has to be worth it.” 

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