marinelli’s “Oh God” Will Relieve Your Stress in Under Three Minutes

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 16, 2021

marinelli’s days as Billie Eilish’s drummer are long past him, as he has now stepped into his own as a highly sought after producer. When he’s not laying down tracks with spill tab and JAWNY, marinelli has been hard at work on his solo debut EP, which you’ll definitely want to get your ears on. Written and produced by himself, “Oh God” is marinelli’s moody new single that’ll have you hooked on him immediately.

As an overwhelmed marinelli wrote “Oh God” as a way to relieve his stress, little did he know it’d become such an impactful track to people around the world. With simplistic vocals layered atop lo-fi production, “Oh God” makes us wish today were a rainy day. Although this slow-burning track sounds quite gloomy, “Oh God” gets us pumped for what’s to come next from marinelli. 

On “Oh God,” marinelli shared, 

“This song is about feeling intense emotions that you know you should let simmer before expressing – the song came to be when I was sitting in the parking lot of the LA court where I was doing jury duty. I was feeling pretty upset about something in my life and I hated that feeling of ‘sitting in my car’ and feeling sorry for myself without driving or getting out.”

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