Max Leone Leaks His Biggest Secret in “the craziest thing i’ve ever done”

Photo Credit: Clyde Munroe (@clyde.munroe)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 15, 2021

Portland’s Max Leone has been musical since his childhood–taking up guitar, violin, drums, and piano. Fast forward to present day, and Leone is a 21-year-old turning his wildest dreams into a reality as a full-time musician. As some sort of anti pop mastermind, Leone is turning heads left and right with his fantastic new single, “the craziest thing i’ve ever done.”

Trust us when we say “the craziest thing i’ve ever done” is one of the most visual cuts we’ve heard from Leone thus far. Incorporating cinematic string arrangements and moody soundscapes, “the craziest thing i’ve ever done” has Leone realizing that loving someone is truly the most outrageous thing he’s ever done. The accompanying visual takes us on Leone’s thrilling adventure as a troubled bank robber, but it’s up to you to find out how this heist unfolds…

On “the craziest thing i’ve ever done,” Max Leone explained,

“When we were writing ‘the craziest thing i’ve ever done,’ lyrically we wanted it to capture all this insane, extravagant imagery and then juxtapose that with something we usually see as ordinary, which is love. The catch is that love IS the craziest thing we do. It’s painful and terrifying, and yet we put ourselves through it over and over again.” 

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