Lexi Jayde Ditches Unrequited Love in “Newbury Park”

Photo Credit: Kristen Jan Wong (kristenjanwong)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 12, 2021

Not everyone can say they’ve been writing songs since they were only six years old, but Lexi Jayde is one of the few that can. A self-made pop newcomer, Jayde strives to share her personal experiences through emotive songwriting, and she’s about to let you in on the most intimate aspects of her life. For anyone who’s ever felt under appreciated, Jayde dedicates her heartbreaking new single, “Newbury Park,” to you. 

On “Newbury Park,” Lexi Jayde reflected,

“I wrote ‘Newbury Park’ after devoting so much time driving in rush-hour traffic, getting all dressed up, paying for gas, to see some guy in LA who didn’t show any support back.”

Jayde’s “Newbury Park” reminds us that we’ve all given someone at least a little more attention than we should’ve. Adorned with inviting instrumentals and clean cut production, “Newbury Park” hits hard for anyone who’s ever endured unrequited love. By the end of this stellar cut, we’re convinced that Jayde deserves to be on every top chart in the world.

“It was tough. I had moments where I couldn’t look at my bed or listen to certain songs because they just reminded me of that experience. I think it’s so important to feel mutual chemistry in any relationship.”

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