Cate Unites Fangirls Worldwide with “Groupie”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 12, 2021

Canada is home to plenty of big name musicians, but trust us when we say none of them are quite like Vancouver’s rising pop gem, Cate. As someone who’s well versed in what it takes to pen a radio ready hit, Cate strives to create meaningful songs people will resonate with. Staying true to her relatable narrative, Cate is uniting all fangirls with her precious new single, “Groupie.”

Opening with delicate strumming, “Groupie” leads into Cate’s pitch perfect vocals that truly take us back to better days. Between the memorable choruses and stunning hooks, this timeless cut will have pop lovers flocking to Cate’s discography in no time. If you’ve ever been hopelessly infatuated with boy bands or even the boy next door, “Groupie” deserves your undivided attention.

On “Groupie,” Cate shared,

“‘GROUPIE’ OUT NOW!!! The support that everyone has shown for this song before it was even out blew my freaking mind. Thank you so much for caring about this song and me — I can’t believe it’s OUT! I feel really lucky that I get to make music I’m proud of with a group of people I get to call my friends.”

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