Fall into Eden Rain’s Abyss of Creativity with “Wake Up, You’re Stuck”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 8, 2021

If you’re in the mood for some cloudy day tunes, Eden Rain should definitely be on your rotation. Ready to make 2021 the best year ever, Rain is finally unveiling her exceptionally emotional music, which we certainly don’t deserve. Heavily inspired by visual poetry, Rain gives us a taste of her breathtaking artistry with her melancholic debut single, “Wake Up, You’re Stuck.”

On “Wake Up, You’re Stuck,” Eden Rain explained, 

“For me, this song is the feeling of being eaten alive from the inside out. I wrote it after waking up from a nightmare when I had fallen asleep with ‘Planet Earth’ on in the background. To me, the song feels like a fight or flight situation: do I stay being eaten alive or attempt to save myself from all the things I’m running from?”

Whether it’s the haunting pianos or effervescent vocals, “Wake Up, You’re Stuck” makes us feel like we’re falling into an abyss of Rain’s creativity. Between the slow-burning crackling effects, “Wake Up, You’re Stuck” has Rain imagining herself being eaten alive from the inside out. By the end of this bittersweet ballad, it seems as if we’ve developed Rain’s “gutter vision,” which she describes as looking at the world from the gutter upwards. 

“My parents once took my family on holiday in a campervan across Scandinavia. We drove over this amazing mountain pass and they all got out of the car to take a look at the view. They were staring out, in awe of the mountain landscape saying, ‘This is so amazing,’ and I was like, ‘Yeah – look at all the cigarette butts on the floor!’ That’s when my mum told me I had ‘gutter vision.’ I was more interested in the people who went to the mountains to smoke. I look at the world from the gutter upwards.”

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