Why-Axis’ Flow Is Silky Smooth in “Shoulders”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 5, 2021

Why-Axis has been producing fantastic tracks for other artists for quite some time, but now he’s channeling his energy into elevating his solo releases. The Dublin native refuses to be tied to a single genre, and his versatility certainly bleeds through in his growing discography. If you’ve never heard of Why-Axis before, allow him to introduce himself with his infectious new single, “Shoulders.”

Why-Axis’s silky smooth flow is undeniable, and “Shoulders” definitely confirms this. As Why-Axis details the mixed feelings he’s been experiencing about his rocky relationship, “Shoulders” is lit up by bouncy instrumentals and innovative production. By the end of “Shoulders,” we’re completely hooked on Why-Axis and his irresistibly breezy tendencies.

On “Shoulders,” Why-Axis shared,

“‘Shoulders’ is about my relationship with a partner that kind of goes between loving her and also being annoyed by her at the same time. The track is just showing how I talk about things annoying me from her, but also being a bit lost without her.”

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