SEB Takes Control of Who He Wants to Be with “THEY DON’T LIKE ME”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 4, 2021

Coming in hot from the streets of Chicago is SEB, the latest newcomer ready to fight his way onto your coveted radar. Considering how SEB used to spit bars in a rap group, it’s delightfully surprising that he leans toward lo-fi indie pop soundscapes nowadays. With an undeniable charisma, SEB reels us in with his soothing new single, “THEY DON’T LIKE ME.”

On “THEY DON’T LIKE ME,” SEB explained,

“Everybody had this certain expectation of me and then when I started making music, people thought I was probably going to do rap with trap beats, especially growing up in Chicago. This song is me saying, ‘You all want me to do this, but if I went over here and tried something different, would you still like me?’” 

Now based in Los Angeles, SEB writes, produces, performs, and engineers all of his elevated discography—including “THEY DON’T LIKE ME.” As SEB struggles with feeling accepted, “THEY DON’T LIKE ME” encourages us to be who we want to be and ignore what others think while we’re at it. If any of you have been feeling out of place, “THEY DON’T LIKE ME” will help you realize what you’ve always known deep down.

“‘THEY DON’T LIKE ME’ is a song about the struggle of acceptance, both inward and outward. Half of the song is talking about what I think people want from me, the other half is how I’ve internalized that. I’m essentially taking control of who I want to be, and what I want to create regardless of what people want for me.” 

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