Jazmine Flowers Happily Basks in Her “awkward” Self

Photo Credit: Lily Craigen (@lilycraigenphotography)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 2, 2021

Jazmine Flowers may only have one track to her name, but she’s about to find herself playing on the radio around the world. The 20-year-old Brixton native has always found it difficult to express her feelings, so she channels these innermost thoughts into her music. Ready to take the alternative R&B scene by storm, Flowers is spoiling us with her bouncy debut single, “awkward.”

On “awkward,” Jazmine Flowers reflected,

“Most of my music is super visual and inspired by nature and really deep feelings but ‘awkward’ is just me, like I’m so awkward all the time and it’s exhausting! This was the first time I’d met or worked with Askjell; I feel like he would also be quick to admit he’s pretty awkward too and the two of us together just made for a lot of awkwardness so the song came together pretty quickly.”

Whether you struggle in social settings or not, you can’t deny that “awkward” is a notable anthem for introverts. Drenched in bubbly electronics and buttery vocals, “awkward” is an impeccable example of what we can expect from the down-to-earth Flowers. As more artists continue to emerge throughout the years, we’re very glad to discover truthful acts like Flowers.

“I guess with ‘awkward,’ I didn’t just want to say, ‘I’m awkward.’ If you listen to the lyrics, I reference a lot of things which are signs of depression and anxiety, like memory loss, feeling uncomfortable around people, hot flushes. I write about it in a pretty light-hearted way but it’s a super prevalent issue among lots of people.”

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