renforshort Tackles Mental Health and Technology with “virtual reality”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 25, 2021

18-year-old renforshort is truly a force to be reckoned with. With her own take on rock-infused alternative pop, the Toronto native has been dropping banger after banger, and we’re fully onboard. Ahead of her forthcoming sophomore EP, renforshort is turning heads with her exhilarating new single, “virtual reality.”

On “virtual reality,” renforshort reflected,

“’virtual reality’ is a song that tackles many topics. But at its core, it really is about anxiety, routine, boredom, isolation, loneliness, and fear. I think a lot of people have a very unhealthy relationship with technology because it’s never really been restricted enough to consider mental health and overall health, and that has fucked so many people up, now more than ever.” 

Inspired by the fact that most human beings are addicted to their phones, “virtual reality” is our much-needed wake up call. Layered with renforshort’s teeth clenching vocals and gritty production, “virtual reality” is the perfect track to bump during your solo bedroom dance party. The accompanying visual offers a futuristic lifestyle that renforshort trudges through, but will she prevail?

“Ever since I was young, social media has played a major role in my mental well being, and I became so accustomed to it. It became a part of my routine and it came before everything else. The moment I wake up, almost instinctively, I check my phone. Depending on what I see in the morning, basically determines how I’m gonna feel for the rest of the day. I hate it. But I can’t stop. And what’s most ironic about this all is you’re likely going to read this on social media or listen to the song on some sort of electronic device…”

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