Kelsy Karter Becomes Catwoman in “Villain” Video

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 24, 2021

New Zealand’s Kelsy Karter has been blowing our minds release after release, but now she’s truly proven herself to be a rock legend in the making. With an electrifying stage presence paired with hit-worthy bangers, Karter should most definitely be on your radar. Taken off her incredible debut album, Missing Person, “Villain” now has a thrilling music video that’s directed by Karter herself.

On “Villain,” Kelsy Karter shared, 

“I almost didn’t put this song on my record. It brings me to tears anytime I sing or hear it. But my best mate told me, ‘Kels, this song isn’t for you anymore. It’s for everyone else.’ And that made me realize that maybe I was stupid not to release it. Turns out, fans have resonated with this song as much as I do, so I had to make a music video for it.”

Dressed in a full leather outfit, Karter becomes Catwoman in all her glory in the “Villain” visual. Although supervillains are notorious for committing crimes and being evil, Karter reminds us that even they have emotions and can be vulnerable at times. Whether she’s watching television or drinking tea, Karter portrays her version of Catwoman exactly how she intended in the “Villain” video.

“It is directed and edited by yours truly, with cinematography by Gary Long. We shot the video in about three hours with a crew of eight. I wanted to depict one of the greatest villains of all time… on her day off. Ironically doing the most un-villainous things you can do. Watching TV, having a tea party, cuddling a teddy bear, doing handstands… and crying. Villains have hearts too, y’know?”

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