Lockdown Has Kayla Grace Feeling Like a “Bird in a Cage”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 24, 2021

Before a hopeful Kayla Grace decided to study music at ACM Guildford, she had no idea the world would turn upside down due to the current pandemic. Not only has the coronavirus taken millions of lives, but it’s affected everyone whose lives have been spared. As her stunning debut into the music scene, Kayla Grace is bringing tears to our eyes with her melancholic new single, “Bird in a Cage.”

On “Bird in a Cage,” Kayla Grace reflected, 

“‘Bird in a Cage’ is, to put it simply, a song about lockdown. It’s painfully relatable but feels so personal and I think it’s something I needed to get out of my system to comprehend how much life has changed for everyone since coronavirus. It’s got this kind of irony because I’m complaining about my birthday being on a Zoom call while people are literally dying, but I think it just shows the reality of the situation and how differently it’s impacted everyone.”

Lockdown hasn’t been easy for anyone, but Grace’s “Bird in a Cage” will resonate with the world’s teenagers, who have been stripped of their young adult experiences. Between the wholesome vocals and ethereal guitars, “Bird in a Cage” has us sobbing like never before. Filmed during this tumultuous time, the accompanying visual sees Grace performing “Bird in a Cage” from exactly where she’s spent most of 2020: her bedroom. 

“I’m in my final year of university and I’ve not really left my bedroom all year but I’m still putting this pressure on myself to be grateful that I’m even alive and healthy. I think a lot of people will resonate with the feeling of being isolated and trapped (like a bird in a cage) and all I’m hoping is that the song will help them realize they’re not truly alone. We’re all in this situation together and one day it’ll be okay again.”

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