Summer Has Arrived Early with Devin Kennedy’s “Sundress”

Photo Credit: Alexander Bemis (@bemiscreative)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 22, 2021

To no surprise, Devin Kennedy is back with even more immaculate music we certainly don’t deserve. From learning how to play the guitar, bass, and drums by age 10 to studying at Berklee College of Music, the Los Angeles stunner has always made time for pursuing his passion. For a taste of his breezy pop soundscape, we invite you to spin Kennedy’s astounding new single, “Sundress.”

On “Sundress,” Devin Kennedy shared,

“I wrote ‘Sundress’ about being in the moment with someone you love. It’s so easy to get caught up in the past and future, but nothing is more important than putting everything aside and arriving in the present with that special someone. For me, the bright and dreamy vibe of ‘Sundress’ all stems from a specific moment, with a specific person, watching the sunset on a summer day in California. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Whether it’s the stellar production or the bouncy electronics, “Sundress” makes us wish summer would arrive immediately. More than anything, “Sundress” reminds us to appreciate the time we have with our loved ones–especially after the hectic year we’ve trudged through. To top it off, the “Sundress” visual has Kennedy searching for his love interest in a white cotton dress, all while treating us to lovely Los Angeles scenery.

“In a year where the days seem to blend together and time seems to pass faster than ever before, it’s important to appreciate every moment, especially the limited time we spend with our loved ones. ‘Sundress’ is about those special moments that stand out in a sea of memories. Moments so unforgettable, that they almost feel like a recurring dream.”

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