Better Days Are Ahead for Julian Skiboat in “Flowers”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 17, 2021

We’d bet money that you’ve never heard of Julian Skiboat before, but it’s about time you add him to your carefully-curated radar. Coming a long way since his days as the drummer for local pop-punk bands, this gifted 24-year-old will soon make San Antonio proud with his indie righteousness. With a DIY approach we’re very much fans of, Skiboat is ready to amaze you with his hazy new single, “Flowers.”

On “Flowers,” Julian Skiboat shared, 

“Thanks for all the support on ‘Flowers!’ Y’all have been going absolutely insane! Love y’all so so much.”

Written after a mental reset, “Flowers” reminds us that better days are ahead, so there’s no need to lose hope quite yet. With this being the first time Skiboat has collaborated with anyone on his music, “Flowers” displays growth and progression like never before. With subtle jazz influences, “Flowers” will have you hooked on Skiboat in no time. 

“I think with my upcoming songs and projects, I really want to dive into that kind of like, ‘It could be worse,’ ‘I can make it through this’ message.”

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