Hunter deBlanc Finds Inner Peace with “DRAGONFLY”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 17, 2021

Plenty of artists dropped charming love songs around Valentine’s Day, but Hunter deBlanc is delivering the Holy Grail of them all. The Louisiana stunner crafts alternative pop that’s luscious, stunning, and immaculate, so you should definitely remember his name. To prove this to you, deBlanc has unveiled his dreamy new single, “DRAGONFLY.”

On “DRAGONFLY,” Hunter deBlanc reflected,

“’DRAGONFLY’ is a little different of a song for me entirely, musically and lyrically. Production-wise, it was a song I had started working on early in the quarantine with a producer named Teej from Canada around the same time as the last two singles, which he also produced, but I really dove into this, lyrically, one during one day at the beach in the middle of summer.”

Between the hazy production and wavy guitars, “DRAGONFLY” reminds us of soothing beach days with the Sun’s heat radiating pure bliss. As deBlanc reminisces about a precious moment shared with his loved one, “DRAGONFLY” leaves us feeling uplifted and wholesome once again. If you haven’t already added deBlanc to your radar, we highly suggest you do so before you start hearing his name everywhere. 

“The song is about spending a warm sunny day relaxing with a loved one, with nowhere to go and nothing to worry about. The song was heavily influenced by artists like Tame Impala, Billie Eilish, Vacationer, Glass Animals, and even Post Malone.”

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