Zachary Knowles’ “johnny & june” Is Sweeter than Honey

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 16, 2021

What else is there to say about Zachary Knowles that hasn’t already been said? The Texas native first became obsessed with music when he was given a light-up keyboard in first grade, and he went on to build a massive following on SoundCloud. Now on a mission to connect with passionate listeners through his emotive discography, Knowles is spoiling us with his adorable new single, “johnny and june.”

On “johnny & june,” Zachary Knowles reflected, 

“When I wrote ‘johnny & june,’ I was in the midst of a lot of changes in my life. I think because I had so much going on at the time and because there were so many changes, it made me want to write about something steady–that being love. I wanted to make something that just felt good; something that felt real and authentic, and honestly, just happy.”

Sweeter than honey, “johnny & june” is the best love song we’ve heard from Knowles thus far. Although he wrote “johnny & june” at a time of chaos and confusion, Knowles managed to craft a charming tune that’ll certainly resonate with millions around the world. To top it off, the accompanying visual follows a budding romance between two high schoolers, which definitely reminds us of the days when our crushes were the only things on our minds. 

“This song is a total love story, and it helped bring me peace during a time of uncertainty in my life. I can’t wait to share it with everyone, and I hope it can do the same for people that it’s done for me.”

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