Emmit Fenn Blesses ‘To All The Boys’ Trilogy with “Until We Leave the Ground”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 12, 2021

We know plenty of you are itching to see To All The Boys: Always and Forever, but you should be even more thrilled to familiarize yourself with Emmit Fenn, who will be featured in the highly anticipated film’s soundtrack. Having worked alongside Billie Eilish, Lolo Zouai, and Vic Mensa, Fenn has plenty of experience in producing radio worthy hits. Now that he has more time to himself at home, Fenn is spoiling us with his ethereal new single, “Until We Leave the Ground.”

Taken off his forthcoming debut album, Far From Here, “Until We Leave the Ground” is layered with fluttering beats and breathtaking string arrangements. Although this stunning track was penned while Fenn was still with his ex, “Until We Leave the Ground” is just as mesmerizing and meaningful as it was then. Being a trilogy that revolves around a heart wrenching love story, it’s no surprise that To All The Boys felt inclined to showcase Fenn’s astounding “Until We Leave the Ground.”

On “Until We Leave the Ground,” Emmit Fenn reflected,

“It’s always strange writing a song for someone you’re in a relationship with and then when the song finally comes out, you’re not with them anymore. ‘Until We Leave the Ground’ is one of those songs. It’s such a stamp in time for me that every time I listen to it now, it brings me right back to that moment and I can’t help but smile.” 

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