Sam MacPherson Realizes How Powerful Love Can Be in “Routine”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 10, 2021

Hailing from New Jersey, Sam MacPherson is one of the rising talents we’re most thrilled about this year. Having been raised by a musician father, MacPherson has been accustomed to music since his youth. With only a few releases to his name, MacPherson is ready to dominate 2021 with his lovely new single, “Routine.”

From the touching pianos to the melancholic melodies, “Routine” just may be the most emotive song you’ll hear all week. As MacPherson reflects on how ridiculously powerful love can be, “Routine” brings tears to our eyes with ease. By the end of this soul-stirring track, we’re left speechless and itching for more music from MacPherson. 

On “Routine,” Sam MacPherson shared,

“‘Routine’ is rooted from realizing the true depth of a love, only after you’ve already taken it for granted.”

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