Maisyn’s “Cool Grl” Is an Ode to Vulnerability and Desire

Photo Credit: Kiersten Friesen (@kierstenfriesen)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 10, 2021

After graduating from USC’s Thornton School of Music in 2019, Jessi Mason is making the most of the current pandemic by finally making her enrapturing debut as Maisyn. The Hudson Valley-born, Los Angeles-based newcomer can illuminate every room with her timeless vocals, so it’s about time you familiarize yourself with Maisyn. Kicking off 2021 on a high note, Maisyn is pleased to present her soul-stirring debut single, “Cool Grl.”

Between the echoey instrumentals and charming vocals, “Cool Grl” has us envisioning ourselves dancing in a breezy meadow as the sun crawls to the horizon. As Maisyn wears her heart on her sleeve, “Cool Grl” reminds us that there’s nothing wrong with showing our deepest emotions–even if we get ridiculed for it. The accompanying visual incorporates a diverse color palette that perfectly compliments Maisyn’s dynamic range and artistic versatility.

On “Cool Grl,” Maisyn reflected,

“‘Cool Grl’ is about vulnerability and desire. To me, the ultimate cool grl is indifferent, effortless, and of course a construct of romantic-comedy-driven imagination. Everybody loves and yearns; it’s just a matter of who will admit it or not. For most of my life, I desperately wanted to be the cool grl because I was afraid that wanting to be wanted would turn me into a cliche. At this point, I’d rather be emotional and messy than nonchalant and bottled up.”

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