Jesswar Becomes the Face of Fijian Rap with “Medusa”

Photo Credit: James Hornsby (@unclechronicbone), Georgia Wallace (@georgiawallacepictorial), and DRIP Candy (@dripcandy)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 9, 2021

Jesswar is the only Meanjin-based Fijian rapper we know of, and that’s because she’s truly one of a kind. While she’s not running music workshops for youth in Meanjin, Jesswar has been busy working on her forthcoming debut project, Tropixx, which is slated for release next month. But before we get to indulge in Tropixx, Jesswar is teasing us with a ruthless new single, “Medusa.”

“Medusa” proves that Jesswar is the type of daring individual who doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to achieving her artistic vision. As Jesswar embodies tenacity like we’ve never seen before, the hard-hitting “Medusa” serves as a call to arms for overlooked women to finally take what should be theirs. Jesswar’s resolve also rings loud and clear in the grungy “Medusa” visual, which is already a fierce offering in itself.

On “Medusa,” Jesswar explained, 

“I was pawning all my things to get money to get by. Living that way gave me a different type of drive, a real hunger to never stop and get myself out of the gutter … They worked hard and pushed and became successful, for me to see that was important because I knew it could be in my cards too.” 

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