Hayden Everett Appreciates the Beauty of Nature with “Kennecott”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 9, 2021

Some of us would much rather stay indoors for the rest of our lives, but Hayden Everett is quite the opposite. As someone who’s always sought treacherous hiking trails and stargazing nights, Everett strives to recreate these very precious moments through his ethereal music. Even if camping isn’t your cup of tea, Everett’s stunning new single, “Kennecott,” will strike a chord with you. 

On “Kennecott,” Hayden Everett shared, 

“In the 1930s, a huge copper mine in the Alaskan wilderness was abandoned after all the ore was extracted. My buddy Adam and I wrote a song from the perspective of the town as a letter to the miners who failed to protect and appreciate the beauty that surrounded them.”

A true gift to the alternative folk world, “Kennecott” features wholesome guitars and Everett’s soothing vocals that you’ll instantly fall in love with. Written about an abandoned Alaskan mining town, “Kennecott” begs us to appreciate nature for its beauty instead of exploiting the land we’ve falsely claimed as our own. To top it off, the “Kennecott” visual showcases breathtaking shots of the Cascade Mountains, which definitely makes us wish we lived somewhere with occasional snowfall.

“I hope this song compels you to spend more nights under the stars, I hope it pushes you to protect our world more fervently.”

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