Pilar Victoria Turns an “80’s Movie” into an Indie Pop Gem

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 8, 2021

We’ve featured Pilar Victoria a few times before, but there’s literally no reason why we’d stop. With her enticing vocals and indie pop tendencies, this Argentine-American songstress continues to leave us stunned with ease. Now that she has a handful of singles to her name, it’s about time you familiarize yourself with Victoria with her nostalgic new single, “80’s Movie.”

“80’s Movie” really does remind us of the Sixteen Candles age of film, which is exactly what Victoria was going for when she penned this immaculate tune. Whether you’ve experienced puppy love or not, “80’s Movie” will undoubtedly transport you to a universe where you definitely have. And if you’d like a visual depiction of this wholesomeness, the “80’s Movie” video will make you wish you were living like the lovestruck teenagers in the 80’s.

On “80’s Movie,” Pilar Victoria reflected, 

“I was telling my friend about how my other friend came to my window one night to chat and give me a hug. And my friend said it sounded like an ‘80’s movie,’ so I thought that was a cool song idea, so I guess that’s where the inspiration for the track came from.”

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