PHOEBE ∆X∆ Is Stuck in a Love Triangle with “Bed”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 8, 2021

2020 was an enormous year for PHOEBE ∆X∆, but trust us when we say 2021 will be even more monumental for this 19-year-old newcomer. What’s incredibly interesting is that PHOEBE ∆X∆ was raised without television and social media, so it’s a wonder that she’ll soon be someone we’re all buzzing about online. As her first release of 2021, PHOEBE ∆X∆ is pleased to present her hypnotic new single, “Bed.”

On “Bed,” PHOEBE ∆X∆ explained,

“‘Bed’ is something I wrote about a love triangle essentially. It’s exploring the manipulation and toxicity in a relationship – you’re both testing each other and pushing each other over the edge every time. The rush, the jealousy and the passion – these things all eventually doom everything. Playing with the idea of the inside and the outside of the brain. I’m stuck in my head again here. But it’s slightly more playful.” 

For most of us, we immediately think of falling into a deep slumber when we see a bed. On the other hand, PHOEBE ∆X∆ was inspired by the act of crying and grieving to write, record, and produce “Bed” in her family home. While “Bed” is dancey and bouncy, it’s also an emotive track that’ll resonate with millions across the world.

“But the bed I refer to (‘keep waking up in this bed’) is pretty much a device. A bed is a place of renewal and replenishment – it’s home and your place of rest. But it’s also love and lust. Conversely it’s the place where you don’t sleep, you grieve, isolate, escape and ruminate. Cry. You pretty much live in your bed when you’re a teenager, making it a breeding ground for overthinking – you are essentially living inside your head.”

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