Zach Hood Spends a Memorable Weekend with “Isabelle”

Photo Credit: Caleb Shane (@imcalebshane)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 5, 2021

The music industry can be ruthless, but Zach Hood found his rise to stardom through his massive following on TikTok. With over one million streams on his debut single, Hood hasn’t been slowing down one bit as he’s been working tirelessly in the studio. Not even a month later, Hood returns with a wholesome new single, “Isabelle.” 

 On “Isabelle,” Zach Hood reflected,

“The lyrics of ‘Isabelle’ are true and honest to a T. It came together on a Sunday afternoon where I was telling [co-collaborators] Jonny and Jayden about my casual, yet memorable, weekend spent with a girl I had recently connected with in LA.”

Taking a different approach from his other release, the Alabama native crafted a lively track about a well-spent weekend with a girl named “Isabelle.” From the upbeat production to the lighthearted clapping, “Isabelle” is a fantastic song we wish lasted much longer. Whether you have a decent singing voice or not, you’ll find yourself belting “Isabelle” in the shower, car, and literally everywhere else. 

“I had a strong desire to write an upbeat, carefree song that reflected my current state of happiness, as opposed to talking about my past – like I had been frequently in recent writing sessions. I simply had an amazing time doing essentially nothing with a friend named Isabelle. The rest is history.”

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