MEIA Expresses Herself Sexually with “Date Myself”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 4, 2021

After one listen, you’ll agree that Nashville’s MEIA is exactly what the pop charts need right now. This Ohio wrote her first song at just eight years old, and she’s certainly come a long way since then. With an already-empowering discography, MEIA adds to this impressive collection with her powerful new single, “Date Myself.”

On “Date Myself,” MEIA shared, 

“I think it’s extremely important to feel sexy and confident yourself before others tell you so. That’s where this idea came from. I really think listeners will be able to feel the same energy in the song that we had in that room.”

For as long as she can remember, MEIA has been pushing boundaries left and right with her eye-opening songwriting. After recognizing how plenty of women are still reserved with their sexuality, MEIA took it upon herself to pen “Date Myself” as a hypnotic anthem geared towards those who feel like they can’t express themselves sexually. Entirely fitting to the “Date Myself” theme, the accompanying visual features MEIA in gorgeous lingerie as she slowly caresses herself.

“‘Date Myself’ is a fun play on words! Someone can hear this song and think it’s about self love but others could think it’s about WAP. I wanted this song to empower listeners in more ways than one. To me, this song means to love yourself, with or without anybody else. We live in a world where women are finally beginning to be bold and unafraid to say what they wish to. ‘Date Myself’ is my version of that.”

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