The Drives Cranks Up Alternative Rock with “The Comedown”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 2, 2021

Comprised of Andrew Levin, Casey Chen, and Geo Botelho, The Drives is the Los Angeles band you need to turn your attention to. Producing everything from their Highland Park home, this alternative rock trio has even been featured in a Pizza Hut commercial. Whether you’re searching for your next favorite band or simply craving a fantastic track, The Drives is here to serve you their timeless new single, “The Comedown.”

On “The Comedown,” The Drives shared, 

“This song all started with the intro riff and my original vocal melody that comes in at the beginning. As soon as I had the vocal melody written and a few lyrics down, the song started to come together really quickly. I brought it to Casey early on and he helped me put the chorus together and arrange the song. Since the very start, I knew this song was going to be about the breakup I was going through because the music reflected exactly how I felt. I pretty much knew the story I was going to tell and the things I wanted to say so writing the lyrics was also super therapeutic for me.”

What we admire most about The Drives is their humble sound and limitless work ethic, which we can definitely sense in “The Comedown.” Layered with teeth clenching percussion and gritty guitars, “The Comedown” incorporates everything we could ask for in an emerging rock band. And although “The Comedown” revolves around a painful breakup, we somehow find peace by the end of this glorious track.

“We actually got to play the song a few times live before we went into the studio, which is always amazing because you get to see how the song will sound in front of a crowd. I remember in one of the first rehearsals, Casey came in with this amazing new riff for the chorus. Once Casey wrote that riff and we heard the song live, I felt like it was the best thing we had ever written together. We started recording in the studio a few months later. After hearing the bass line Geo recorded for the song, I was beyond excited. His bass part was the final piece that just brought everything together. This song might be the one I am most proud of.”

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