Emotions Fuel Juniper’s Luscious “Daydream (brake lights)”

Photo Credit: Nick Romano (@nickromaano)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // January 29, 2021

College can be a balance of wild parties and unbearable all-nighters for some people — but for Juniper, it’s their origin story. The Boston-based trio defies the boundaries when it comes to genre labels, as they fuse together alternative rock, folk, R&B, and bedroom pop to create a harmonious soundscape fit for the gods. With a highly anticipated debut album on the way, Juniper is teasing us with a luscious new single, “Daydream (brake lights).”

Gone are their basement gig days because we’re expecting to see them sell out larger venues and perform “Daydream (brake lights)” while they’re at it. As Juniper reflects on lust and infatuation, “Daydream (brake lights)” really does make us feel like we’re floating among the clouds. But before we’re treated to carefully crafted lyricism, the tantalizing guitar riffs already have us hooked on Juniper, and they’re more than certain to do the same to you. 

On “Daydream (brake lights),” Juniper shared, 

“On the losing side of a one night stand. Lust and infatuation made me strung out on the hope that she’d want to see me again. Emotions can be blinders, but they are also the fuel for daydreams.” 

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