goodboy noah Finds His Partner in Crime with “tie down”

Photo Credit: Stefanie Moser (@stefaniemoser)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // January 27, 2021

Toronto born, Los Angeles based goodboy noah is the breath of fresh air we’ve been searching for in the R&B scene. On a mission to bring happiness to the world through his music, noah really is the life of the party, and his first release in over a year proves this. After his 2020 hiatus, noah is now refreshed and back with his sultry new single, “tie down.”

Poised to be an explosive talent in the months to come, noah is pulling at our heartstrings with “tie down.” As if noah’s irresistible falsetto isn’t seductive enough, the descriptive lyricism will bring you to your knees without hesitation. For a love song that doesn’t have the word ‘love’ in it, “tie down” says everything it needs to… and more.

On “tie down,” goodboy noah shared, 

“‘tie down’ is about finding someone that you think could be the one, not just a partner, but a partner in crime. I challenged myself to write a love song without using the word ‘love,’ and this is what came out. I brought the demo to Micah Gordon to produce it, and when he played the strings for the outro on his Nord keyboard, I started freaking out because it was exactly how I thought the song was supposed to feel.”

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