We Three Spills Their “Secrets” to Healing from Pain

Photo Credit: Emilie Farris (@emilie_abroad)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // January 22, 2021

Your day’s about to get so much better… because your favorite sibling trio is back with incredible new music! The Oregon-based band may have gotten their start on America’s Got Talent years ago, but now they’ve grown to be one of the best alternative pop groups to exist. Just a day before their Dear Paranoia Virtual Show, We Three is spoiling us with a stunning new single, “Secrets.”

Comprised of Bethany, Joshua, and Manny, We Three fuses together three intensely talented forces to create the greatness that is “Secrets.” Plenty of We Three’s music offers comfort like you’d never imagine, but “Secrets” really assures us that pain is temporary and better times are on the way. To top it off, the “Secrets” visual contrasts a classy ballroom with an eerie backdrop that has We Three and company dancing in shallow water. 

On “Secrets,” We Three reflected, 

“This song was hard to put out. This song is more personal and vulnerable than I’ve been able to be. This song is for you now. All we ever want is for you to never feel alone. Each painful moment is just a moment. It’s fleeting, it’s gonna pass, it’s gonna go…” 

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