“Sicko” Details CLOVES’ Neverending Battle with Social Anxiety

Photo Credit: Furmaan Ahmed (@furmaan.ahmed)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // January 22, 2021

CLOVES has always invited her listeners into the deepest parts of her mind, and that’s exactly why we’re so gravitated towards her. The London via Melbourne mastermind has been featured on a plethora of Spotify playlists, and even the Me Before You official motion picture soundtrack. With all of these accolades to her name, it’s no surprise that CLOVES is delivering yet another mind blowing new single, “Sicko.” 

In anticipation of her forthcoming sophomore album, CLOVES is giving us a delightful taste of her haunting soundscape with “Sicko.” When we’re not being mesmerized by the powerful electronics, we sense CLOVES’ whispers sending shivers down our spines. Furthermore, the accompanying visual offers CLOVES’ interpretative dance of “Sicko,” which is entirely inspired by her neverending battle with social anxiety.

On “Sicko,” CLOVES explained, 

“‘Sicko’ is my best way of painting the tunnel vision, panic scramble of social anxiety. It’s like a living, breathing second personality in your brain. One which makes you question everything you do and say in social situations, worried that others don’t like you for it. It’s exhausting, not only keeping you from enjoying the present but also fucks with your relationships.”

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