DWY Fights for Love in “You & Me”

Photo Credit: Khaleell Smith (@khaleell.smith)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // January 21, 2021

DWY is the Florida native that discovered his passion for music in South London, and we’re eternally grateful that he did. Although DWY currently only has a few singles to his name, we’re more than certain that 2021 will be a major growth year for him. With plans to unveil his forthcoming mixtape 8-Bit Memories next month, DWY is treating us to one last surprise with his ethereal new single, “You & Me.”

Drenched in soul-stirring electronics, “You & Me” showcases DWY’s otherworldly vocals that’ll leave you in awe. As DWY does a deep dive of a love that was only being held together by a feeling, “You & Me” reminds us of the times we’ve desperately wanted our own relationships to succeed. To top it off, the “You & Me” visual serves as a trailer for DWY’s upcoming short film, 8 Bit-Memories, which is directed by Quran Squire.

On “You & Me,” DWY reflected,

“I wrote ‘You & Me’ about being in a relationship and giving your all, hoping it works, knowing just love isn’t enough but it’s all you have. I’m fighting for this love, I want it to work, I’m all in for it. The love felt electric, passionate, and volatile. It was a young [love], a strong love, but its flame couldn’t be tamed… but I don’t regret it. I remember just thinking to myself, ‘If this blows up, at least we’ll go out with fireworks… a beautiful explosion.’”

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