Audrey Mika Explains Her Distant Behavior with “Excuses”

Photo Credit: Clay Westcott (@claywestcott)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // January 19, 2021

Audrey Mika has come quite a long way since her YouTube cover days, and we couldn’t be prouder of this 20-year-old talent. Whether it’s her girl next door lyricism or elevated production, there’s something special about Mika that effortlessly gravitates us towards her impressive discography. With major plans for 2021, Mika has unleashed her long awaited new single, “Excuses.” 

As someone who’s had her doubts about relationships, Mika penned “Excuses” as a way to address her reserved behavior. Between the whirling electronics and Mika’s lovable vocals, “Excuses” showcases everything we love about this California talent. To top it off, the accompanying visual has Mika taking a trip to the hair salon in efforts to change up her already fabulous style. 

On “Excuses,” Audrey Mika shared, 

“Holy holy, ‘Excuses’ is out in this world. It don’t feel real. I’ve been wanting this song to come out since I wrote it. And now that it is, I’m in shock. I am so grateful that I get to put out the music I’ve always wanted to put out. Feelin like a boss. This is for you. To vibe. To dance. It’s yours now. I hope you love every sound, every melody, every lyric, and harmony just as much as I do.”

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