Issey Cross Has No Time for Cheaters in “Who”

Photo Credit: Kai Giraulo (@kaigiraulo)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // January 18, 2021

Starting 2021 on the highest of notes, Issey Cross is here to dominate our airwaves. The London-based newcomer knows exactly how to hook us onto her left-pop tendencies, as well as her eccentric hairstyles. Although she’s only 20 years old, Cross delivers more tenacity and moxie than any other rising artist with her teeth-clenching debut single, “Who.”

Cross has absolutely no time for low life cheaters, and “Who” vocalizes this to a tee. Drenched in haunting electronics and stellar production, “Who” leaves us mind blown and dying to know what’s to come next from Cross. The accompanying visual makes use of heavy color saturation, which compliments Cross’ artistic sensibilities exceptionally.

On “WHO,” Issey Cross shared, 

“My main goal is for people to like what they’re hearing and want to listen to more! I hope that the listeners can connect and relate to the lyrics, but also dance to my songs at the same time. I want the songs to feel empowering!” 

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