LOONY’s “raw” Is an Exceptional Ode to Natural Beauty

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // January 14, 2021

What else is there to say about LOONY that hasn’t already been said? This Toronto-based goddess of a musician wears her heart on her sleeve, so it’s not surprising that LOONY spoils us with the most truthful songwriting. Ahead of her highly anticipated forthcoming EP, soft thing, LOONY is pleased to present her sultry new single, “raw.”

On “raw,” LOONY explained, 

“​‘raw’ is being in the moment with someone, and being completely clear, completely present. It’s waking up beside someone and seeing them in the light of day. And I mean, really seeing them. Daylight can be harsh and unforgiving – it lets you see in high definition all the things that we usually hide whenever we get the chance.” 

Fine dining restaurants may keep lights dim to build romance, or it could be to keep us sitting in our seats during awkward first dates because we can’t get a good look at who’s sitting across the table. Regardless, “raw” has LOONY fully appreciating someone for their personality, looks, and literally everything else you can think of–which is a very refreshing outlook we’ve been lacking in our generation. With gospel background vocals layered beneath LOONY’s beaming charisma, “raw” is an exceptional ode to natural beauty and acceptance. 

“There’s a lot of songs on this next project that deal with a love that’s deeper than the physical, and it’s not that ‘raw’ doesn’t express those same sentiments – because to love someone truly is all about going below the surface – but it’s also a blatant and unapologetic celebration of that surface, a marriage of body and soul through a lover’s eyes. It’s seeing someone in their raw, naked glory, seeing yourself in their reflection, and being absolutely in love with every inch of it.”

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