carobae Accepts Hard Truths with “Ur Ex From College”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // January 14, 2021

Trust us when we say carobae is going places. With a knack for penning emotionally-driven ballads, this Nashville-based newcomer connects with us through her coming-of-age stories that’ll have you shedding tears in no time. Ahead of her highly anticipated forthcoming project, The Longest Year: Part Two, carobae delivers her soul-stirring new single, “Ur Ex From College.”

Nobody does bedroom pop quite like carobae, and “Ur Ex From College” solidifies this. From carobae’s captivating storytelling to her delicate vocals, “Ur Ex From College” is easily one of our favorite releases from this indie pop darling yet. For those of you who’ve been in a relationship with someone who’s stuck living in the past, “Ur Ex From College” will bring you more comfort than you could’ve ever expected.

On “Ur Ex From College,” carobae reflected,

“‘Ur Ex From College’ comes out tomorrow and I…. couldn’t be more ready. Wrote this one over a year ago while I was still in it with a boy who obviously wasn’t over somebody else.”

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