ROMES’ “Drinking on My Own” Calls for a Virtual Dance Party

Photo Credit: Brody White (@brodywhite)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // January 12, 2021

As far as indie pop duos go, ROMES is one of the most energetic artists we’ve come across thus far. Comprising of brothers Jacob and Nicolas Bitove, the Canadian group has been around since 2015, but their eclectic songs are even more infectious now than ever before. With plenty more music planned for 2021, ROMES is proud to present their intoxicating new single, “Drinking on My Own.”

Although this vulnerable track was written at a time of darkness and struggle, “Drinking on My Own” has brought comfort and encouragement to countless lives across the world. Layered with pulsating beats atop hypnotic electronics, “Drinking on My Own” calls for a virtual dance party. The colorful visual for “Drinking on My Own” features ROMES among pink balloons, cereal bowls, and adorable puppies… but what does it all mean?!

On “Drinking on My Own,” ROMES explained, 

“Our new song ‘Drinking on My Own’ … was written during a particularly dark episode with anxiety that I was battling. As someone who’s struggled with anxiety for quite some time, this song is for anyone listening to know that you’re not alone in this uphill battle. It speaks about social anxiety particularly, and the way we deal with that loneliness and depression that comes with it. Over the last few months, it seems to have taken on a whole new life with all of our self-isolating due to global lockdowns. But maybe there’s some light we can find in being alone during these dark times.”

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