Q’s “Garage Rooftop” Video Is as Dreamy and Romantic as It Gets

Photo Credit: Noah Kreider (@nkballa)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // January 12, 2021

If Q is still an unknown name to you, you’re entirely missing out on some of the best music from last year. Following the unveiling of his latest EP, The Shave Experiment, Q is back at it again with more incredible content for us. In addition to his gorgeous fusion of R&B and neo-soul, the Florida native continues to leave us stunned with his romantic new video for “Garage Rooftop.”

Considering how timeless and unreachable his sonic tendencies are, we’re convinced that Q was meant to exist in another decade. While “Garage Rooftop” has Q basking in the goodness of feeling completely open with someone, the adorable video offers a visual depiction of this entrancing narrative. Whether the lovestruck pair is enjoying each others’ company during a cozy picnic at the park or a lovely evening stroll at the beach, the “Garage Rooftop” video is an absolute dream. 

On “Garage Rooftop,” Q explained,

“It’s really about love and being yourself around the person that matters to you a lot. You care about them and you love them and you’re able to just exist and be you with them.”

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