Ryan Woods Eases the Pain of 2020 with “how i’m feeling”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // January 11, 2021

There’s no denying that 2020 had some major lows, but a notable high is the debut of Ryan Wood’s music career. The 20-year-old has managed to gain an organic following in such a short amount of time, so we’re more than confident that Woods will resonate with millions of listeners worldwide. Staying true to his vulnerable songwriting, Woods has unveiled an emotional new single, “how i’m feeling.” 

As Woods hones in on his experiences with depression and anxiety, “how i’m feeling” reminds us that everyone goes through the darker parts of life, but we’re all in it together. With the chaos that ensued last year, we’re thankful for a touching track like “how i’m feeling” because it eases the pain of a tumultuous year. Between the wholesome acoustics and Woods’ charming vocals, “how i’m feeling” is one of our favorite releases from this Los Angeles-based talent thus far. 

On “how i’m feeling,” Ryan Woods reflected, 

“This is an ode to depression and anxiety, as well as growing up and beginning to see and feel the darkness of the world first hand as an adult. The feeling of anxiety; a dark, mysterious weight on your back with a voice, there to oppose you in everything you do. The pain of losing somebody. The fear of losing somebody. Every emotion that seems impossible and absolutely absurd to explain and even understand, if only they could just look into your brain. It’s just how you feel and that’s all you know. the confusion and chaos of the last year as well as bits of the rest of my life, all summed up into one song: “how i’m feeling.”

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