Araya Lets His Creativity Flow with “Color Palette”

Photo Credit: Siena Saba (@siena.saba)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // January 11, 2021

Having studied at the Fashion Institute of Design, Araya has always been an exceptionally creative soul. But it wasn’t until the coronavirus pandemic hit, that this New York native began immersing himself into the music creation process. Now more determined than ever before, Araya has unleashed his pulsating new single, “Color Palette.” 

Not every musical artist can say they’re the creative director for every project they’ve released, but Araya claims he’s one of the few with “Color Palette.” Although Araya’s music isn’t tied down to a single genre, “Color Palette” spoils us with catchy verses and enticing electronics. Inspired by the 1975’s “Girls” music video, the accompanying visual features Araya and company performing “Color Palette” through a fisheye lens.

On “Color Palette,” Araya shared, 

“It’s a boasty song. I’m like, ‘I’ve been designing, do you see my color palettes?’ I do all of my own graphic design rollout. I’m basically the creative director for every single project that comes out of me. It’s me satirically taking credit for that.”

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