Join Justin Magnaye on the Dance Floor with “Dance with Me”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // January 7, 2021

You heard it here first; Justin Magnaye is the artist to watch in 2021. Inspired by the likes of Shawn Mendes and Jeremy Zucker, the New Jersey based stunner puts his own twist on pop-infused R&B that’ll have you swooning in no time. To prove this to you, Magnaye offers his charming new single, “Dance with Me.”

There’s no denying how charismatic Magnaye is, and “Dance with Me” is no different. Precious guitar licks, sultry vocals, and twinkling bass lines are just a few elements of “Dance with Me” that make it everything we could ever ask for. As Magnaye imagines what would happen if he’d ask his dream girl to join him on the dance floor, “Dance with Me” reminds us of the times we’ve been too shy to make a move.

On “Dance with Me,” Justin Magnaye shared,

“My inspiration for this song came from a girl who helped take me out of my writing rut just by being one of my biggest supporters. The song is about how I just want to ask her to dance with me but I’m too scared, thus fabricating this entire scenario like what if I asked her to dance and she said yes.”

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