Milky Day and Elijah Lee Have Created a Lo-Fi “Paradise”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // January 6, 2021

New Zealand has seen the rise of quite a few notable acts, but the two we’re about to introduce you to today are far more special than the others. Milky Day and Elijah Lee are both lo-fi masterminds that have been gaining considerable traction lately, as the calming genre finds its way into our airwaves. As soon as the new year hit, Milky Day and Elijah Lee unveiled their earwormy new single, “Paradise,” which is an absolute dream.

On “Paradise,” Milky Day reflected,

“Happy new year, everyone! Thanks for all your support throughout the year. I’ll continue to release more music in 2021.”

Drizzled in gorgeous pianos and delicate vocals, “Paradise” will have you swaying along in no time. As “Paradise” has the two Kiwis reminiscing about better times, we’re more than certain that this jazz-infused track will instantly become a fan favorite. Whether it’s Lee’s stellar production or Milky Day’s astounding vocals, “Paradise” has us mightily excited for what’s to come in 2021. 

Elijah Lee added,

“This is a special release as it’s on the first day of 2021. Even though it’s been a rough year, I’d like to appreciate the paradise I had in ’20. I wish you all the best paradise of a year.”

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