Becoming Young Dedicates “Reverie” to a Special Someone

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // January 6, 2020

As someone who fully understands how messy life can get, Becoming Young writes the most touching ballads about the very experiences that make him who he is today. Blending pop and folk, the Nashville based singer-songwriter has a soul-stirring aura we can’t get enough of. As a special treat to us, Become Young has unveiled his hopeful new single, “Reverie.”

On “Reverie,” Becoming Young reflected,

“During the summer of 2018, I was writing a lot—most of the songs on ‘Feeling Single’ came during that intoxicating stretch. On the night of the Aquarius lunar eclipse, I threw a welcome-home party for a close friend. She brought someone who she had studied abroad with… this enigmatic, spiral-necklace-wearing girl was a vibe.⁠”

If you’ve ever met anyone who completely took your breath away, “Reverie” will most definitely remind you of that larger-than-life person. Layered with outstanding acoustics and joyous keys, “Reverie” showcases the very best of Becoming Young’s craft. If you’re in the mood for some quality songwriting, we highly suggest you give Becoming Young a spin. 

“The new girl and I didn’t hit it off at first. But by the 3 am hour, we’d found a connection.⁠ I was a few sheets to the wind and probably made a fool of myself that night, but somehow we ended up going on a proper date the following week. I wrote ‘Reverie’ shortly after.”

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