[PREMIERE + Q&A] NOA Lets Lyrics and Melodies Speak for Themselves with Acoustic “Another You”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // December 18, 2020

Trust us when we say NOA is the best of the best. On a mission to give listeners a voice through her delightfully vulnerable music, NOA manages to capture the very essence of what it means to be a passionate artist in every way. As if the studio version wasn’t already enough, the Toronto native is now spoiling us with a gorgeous acoustic rendition of “Another You.”

Equal parts stunning and captivating, “Another You” showcases swooning guitars that’ll leave you breathless in an instant. As NOA croons about what it’d be like to get back with someone after they’ve gone through some drastic personality changes, we can’t help but spotlight her unbelievably angelic vocals. If you haven’t already fallen head over heels for NOA, the acoustic version of “Another You”will certainly do the trick.

On “Another You (Acoustic),” NOA exclusively shared with us,

“I wanted to release an acoustic version of ‘Another You’ to give my fans another flavor of the song. Acoustic versions always have a special place in my heart, so I thought it would be fun to strip this song back to its roots and let the lyrics and melodies speak for themselves.”

The Hidden Hits has your first listen of “Another You (Acoustic)” below:

To celebrate the release of her new music, we recently chatted with NOA about Zoom sessions, breakup advice, and of course, “Another You.”

HH: It’s been a few months since we’ve gotten the chance to catch up with you. What have you been up to lately?! 

N: The last few months have been great. I’ve been doing lots of Zoom sessions and have been planning my releases for 2021! I also just did my first live stream concert with Moment House, which was so much fun. Felt SO good to be back performing my songs.

HH: How have you been staying creative at home? Have you been finding it more difficult to write music with so much going on?

N: My creative juices have been coming in waves. I’ve been writing loads on Zoom with a lot of other incredible writers and producers. The co-writing process always inspires me so that’s definitely made it a lot easier to stay creative. 

HH: What inspired “Another You?” Can you describe your creative process behind the track?

N: I actually wrote “Another You” two years ago when I was living out in LA. The idea behind it was something I think a lot of us go through after a breakup–missing that person and wanting them back–but without any of their bad qualities. I wanted to capture that feeling in this song. I wrote it with two good friends and very talented writers, Jae Green and David Schaeman. We were in a beautiful studio in the hills of Topanga and the song just flowed right out!

HH: Do you have any breakup advice for our readers?

N: Keep doing things for YOU. The universe has your back and everything will be so much more than okay. Surround yourself with good people and good food. 🙂

HH: What was your favorite moment from Saturday’s livestream show?

N: I loved having everyone together on the stream. It felt so good to all come together again. Even though it was virtual, I feel like I could still feel everyone’s energy in the room with me! ALSO, debuting one of my new songs, “Alright with Me,” live was so much fun. I just wrote it this summer and haven’t had the chance to play it live yet, so I was super excited about that one.

HH: What do you miss most about in-person concerts? 

N: Hugging + meeting my fans and seeing them sing along. ❤ 

HH: Once you can start selling out venues again, where are you most looking forward to performing at? 

N: Super excited to play some household Toronto venues: The Drake Hotel, The Danforth Music Hall and of course my fave little hidden gem, B-Side Lounge. 🙂

HH: What are your hidden hits?

N: “Low Beams” – Gavin Haley
“Dancing in My Room” – 347aiden
“Want U Around (feat. Ruel)” – Omar Apollo

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