Christian Sparacio – “About Time” | The Hidden Hits: Stripped Down

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // December 18, 2020

As if we haven’t already raved about Christian Sparacio enough, we’re here to remind you of why this Marlboro, New Jersey newcomer deserves to be on your radar. What Sparacio does best with his uplifting music is make listeners feel understood and welcomed into his world, and it’s about time you experience this magic yourself. 

Even if folk music isn’t your cup of tea, Sparacio will whisk you away with his effortless strumming and pleasant melodies in “About Time.” Needless to say, a natural talent like Sparacio only comes by once in a blue moon, so we’re incredibly thankful for “About Time.”

Our favorite hidden hit makers have undoubtedly impressed us time and time again, but we’re taking it to the next level… by taking it down a notch. We’re showing you just how insanely gifted these rising artists really are with stripped down performances of their hidden hits, which means no fancy studios or professional cameras.

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