Any Exes of Kaitlyn Velez Can Send Her an “Email”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // December 14, 2020

Kaitlyn Velez hopped onto the music scene this year, and the pop scene hasn’t been the same since. After having so much fun writing birthday jingles for her friends, Velez discovered that she could take her storytelling to the next level with music. Currently under the mentorship of Khalid, Velez is continuing to impress us with her nostalgic new single, “Email.”

The New York-based newcomer has a way with words we can’t explain, but we can all most definitely relate to her lighthearted songs. “Email” has Velez describing an ended relationship as if it were a business transaction gone wrong, which ultimately speeds up the post-breakup stage. Aside from Velez’s delightful vocals, we’re just as blown away by the sass and confidence we sense throughout “Email.” 

On “Email,” Kaitlyn Velez explained, 

“‘Email’ was me trying to tap into a pretty specific and interesting situation one of my friends was in. I really laid everything out on the table. My friend loves it and I’m pretty interested to see how the boy reacts to my take of the situation. Fun fact, I haven’t blocked anyone!”

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