Emma Oliver’s “Getting Older” Bleeds of Honesty and Emotions

Photo Credit: Amanda Marie (@amandamarie.photographie)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // December 11, 2020

With nearly half a million TikTok followers, Emma Oliver has built up quite a massive following that has now been blessed with her incredibly moving music. Although she may showcase the carefree version of herself online, her emotive songwriting speaks volumes as to who she is as an emerging artist. Before she unveils her highly anticipated debut EP next year, Oliver is teasing us with a stirring new single, “Getting Older.”

In only a few hours, Oliver had written the entire song that bleeds of honesty and emotions. Whether we’re struggling with depression, anxiety, or literally anything else, Oliver offers “Getting Older” as a way of reassuring us that we’re never alone in our personal battles. Sampling a phone call recording, “Getting Older” is the deeply vulnerable track we didn’t know we needed. 

On “Getting Older,” Emma Oliver reflected, 

“Mental health is a really big thing for me. I deal with anxiety and depression, so I overthink everything and sometimes I feel alone and lost in this great big world and it sucks. So I wrote ‘Getting Older’ about it in Brooklyn when I was having one of those sad days.” 

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