LOONY’s Friends Soothe Her First Date Jitters in “be cool” Video

Photo Credit: Ryan Grant (@shotbyrcg)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // December 10, 2020

LOONY may have adopted her love of music from her parents, but it almost seems like it was already running deep in her veins from the moment she was born. The Scarborough native effortlessly fuses neo-soul and R&B to create something much greater than she, and we, could ever imagine. Two years after forming her moniker, LOONY is now more herself than ever before with her playful new video for “be cool.”

Inspired by that cringey feeling you sit in when you’re crushing hard on someone, “be cool” has LOONY searching for signs from the universe. In the pastel palette “be cool” visual, LOONY’s real life friends remind her that she deserves the best of the best, as they help her get ready for what appears to be a first date. At the end of the lighthearted visual, a nervous LOONY rings the doorbell with flowers in hand… but who’s on the other side of the door? 

On “be cool,” LOONY shared, 

“When you have a crush, it feels cringey and agonizing and childish. You’re in a weird space of overthinking every move you make. And there’s this weird double feeling of being completely inwardly consumed by it all, but also not trusting yourself at all, so you’re looking for answers or advice from literally anyone else around you. So I kinda wanted the video to reflect all that. The whole visual just came to me as a really linear story, that reflected the lyrics I wrote quite literally, so I just got my friends together and called Kosta and we made this thing. I needed it to feel goofy and slightly ridiculous and kinda candid because that’s just how crushing on someone feels.”

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