Meg Smith Seeks Out the Friend Zone in “Any Other Boy”

Photo Credit: Meghan Marshall (@meghan.marshall)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // December 4, 2020

Having only made her debut earlier this year, Meg Smith has already gained significant traction for an emerging talent. Whether it’s her wholesome vocals or charming personality, there’s something about Smith that has listeners drawn to her without hesitation. As a matter of fact, this gravitational pull continues to affect us with Smith’s romantic new single, “Any Other Boy.”

With electro-pop tendencies, “Any Other Boy” showcases Smith’s innate ability to craft engaging tracks we can certainly all relate to. There’s a fine line between the friend zone and romance, but Smith finds that this particular boy never wanted to be platonic friends all along. For those of you who believe all men are the same, “Any Other Boy” should be the soundtrack to your love life. 

On “Any Other Boy,” Meg Smith shared, 

“He wanted to be more than friends, I didn’t. Slowly, he drifted away and I blamed myself for the friendship ending. I thought I had scared him away by oversharing about my life. But I realized, after a few months, that he never really wanted to be friends. I stopped romanticizing our friendship and building him up in my head. And the second I stopped blaming myself, I became a whole different person.”

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